Welcome to The Background To Business. This is a blog dedicated to exploring entrepreneurship, innovation and digital marketing. This blog will also explore different areas of the business world and share input from industry professionals. 


Hi, my names Michael and I recently graduated university with a Bsc in Business. I've always been fascinated with the world of entrepreneurship and digital marketing. 

I want this blog to be a combination of written and video style content that can give insight into the journey of an entrepreneur. However I also want this blog to explore the wider scope of business and speak with working professionals at all levels. I seek to speak with founders and company leaders to help better understand what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur alongside discussing how they overcame challenges or setbacks. As someone who just graduated I found it valuable speaking with individuals that were currently in a position that I was hoping to secure. For example, marketing professionals, innovation consultants etc. This blog will provide insight into a variety of roles across the business world through active discussions with working professionals. This will hopefully provide to those that engage with the content a clearer picture of what to expect and help them choose the correct path in business.

  Throughout the last 12 months I have been networking and speaking with a variety of business leaders across multiple industries and found our discussions extremely interesting. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and speaking with those both at a high senior level but also those at a junior  level who gave great insight into the day to day running's. This blog will share these discussions and give people a behind the scenes view on business from a range of industries. 

I currently work in the golf industry and seek to share some of my own experiences on this blog. I have a passion for marketing, innovation and fascinated with the startup world. This blog will also share a personal aspect as I seek to provide BTS perspective to what its like to work in the golf business and share some of my key learnings that could be applied to various other industries. I hope you enjoy!