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Last month, I had a great time at the beautiful Glen Arbor Golf Club for the latest content shoot for the collaboration between golf social media influencers Golficity & Kevin Sprecher. I had the pleasure of watching their last collab come to life at Sleepy Hollow, where the guys surprised their photographer with a lesson with Kevin. It’s always an exciting experience watching these guys work, particularly before the shoot begins when they come together, brainstorm, and put an efficient plan in place to ensure they capture the content in the best possible way. Even behind the scenes, it’s clear that these guys love golf and are incredibly passionate about what they do, and this plays a massive part in how they have built up such a strong and loyal audience.

As I watched this new content come to life, I began to understand more about the behind-the-scenes of content creation and wanted to share some of my thoughts.

First and foremost, I want to discuss what this video was about and how this content has benefits for various stakeholders.

Everyone’s a winner

This video was a Titleist SM9 Vokey wedge fitting through which Kevin fits both Mike and Frank for the newest line of Vokey wedges. There has been a huge buzz in the golf industry, particularly among the equipment junkies, many of whom are loyal Golficity subscribers, about the new SM9 line. This opportunity to create a video that is informative and based on the new wedges was a perfect opportunity for Golficity to create compelling content for their audience, Kevin to continue to broaden his reach online alongside Titleist to spread awareness of their new product line. Interesting to note that this video has benefits for all three parties.

I remember speaking with Eric Mayville the co-founder & CEO of the golf media company Fairgame Golf, last month, and one of the things he mentioned during our conversation was how their business views every sponsorship/partnership as a content opportunity and I felt this resonated strongly with Golficitys latest video with Kevin. Rather than viewing this simply as an opportunity for Titleist to spread product awareness, Golficity has successfully leveraged its relationship with a brand partner to create compelling and valuable content that resonates with its audience.

From Titleist’s perspective, this branded content is an excellent way for the brand to touch base with its target market. Video content, primarily through influencers, is now one of the strongest tools a business can use to help explain how their product or service works. The brand can build trust among potential consumers through partnering with experts such as Kevin and utilizing the huge following of influencers such as Golficty.

This new piece of content is a win-win-win. It’s a win for Golficity as they have another piece of valuable content that they can release on their social channels and generate revenue through monetization. It’s also hugely beneficial for Kevin as he can demonstrate his expertise and approach to custom fitting to a huge audience, increasing his awareness and online reach, which should lead to an increase in business inquiries (fitting appointments). Titleist benefit from this content as their product is introduced and highlighted to over 60 thousand people on YouTube, which we know is the go-to place for consumers when making purchasing decisions.

When I think about the similarities between the Golficity guys and Kevin, one thing stands out: trust within their consumer base. I’ve spoken before about the high level of trust Kevin has built up among his loyal consumer base, and the same can be said about the Golficity guys. They have, over the years, built strong relationships with their fan base; this level of trust is a huge asset for companies such as Titleist and their marketing projects.

Presentation is key

I really liked this content because it’s not your standard descriptive video that a brand releases outlining all the benefits and reasons why customers should buy the product. Instead, it’s presented to demonstrate to the viewer how this specific product can help the mass market of golfers who play at an average level, similar to the Golficity guys, and how this product has the potential to improve their golf game. Of course, this is all done in a light-hearted manner that the Golficity guys are renowned for and is an excellent example of an authentic piece of branded content.

I mentioned in my previous post how much I love the Callaway Golf “Rangetalk” series with Roger Steele and highlighted how it’s a fantastic example of a brand that can create engaging but, more importantly, highly authentic content. I had the opportunity a few weeks ago to speak with the Executive Producer of Callaway Golf media and one of the brains behind the Rangetalk series, Jeff Neubarth. One of my first questions to Jeff was how the brand creates engaging content with a diverse range of high-level guests such as Steph Curry & Larry Fitzgerald. His answer was pretty simple, “everything comes through Roger” this meant that all those A-list guests that appear on the show have some form of relationship with Roger, whether directly through friendship or indirectly through connections. I felt this was an exciting element of our conversation. It demonstrated how a huge global brand such as Callaway created authentic content by focusing on relationships that exist for the key role (Roger). Rather than bringing guests in that have no connection with Roger or Roger isn’t aware of, each video has a great conversational flow which has helped create some fantastic and hilarious episodes. The episode with Steph Curry is one of my favorites, especially when Steph tried to explain or justify his bad golf during Capital One “The Match”. Roger ended that very quickly, poking fun at his “excuses.” Great job, guys!

Everything is content

Another thing that I've noticed about the Golficity team is their aggressive focus on creating content. A couple of months ago, I remember speaking with David Scahefer, the Chief Marketing and Communications Officer for another company I love, "deWiz," and we talked about their content marketing strategy. Again similar to my conversation with Jeff, I got a very straightforward response; "Everything is content." This is exactly the same approach that the Golificty team undertakes. I witnessed it during our first shoot at Sleepy Hollow last fall, where as soon as the primary video was finished, the entire team moved on to micro pieces of content for platforms such as Tiktok, Instagram Reels, and Youtube Shorts. Rather than finishing up another great video, packing up, and heading home, the guys made the most of their final ten minutes on set and with Kevin. They began doing lighthearted golf challenges, trick shots, and even short comedic bits. This is an example of them being highly efficient but demonstrating their passion for creating content; it's super fun watching their brains tick and come up with their next idea for a content piece. This is something I have transferred to our approach here at Kevin Sprecher Golf.

At the end of the latest wedge fitting shoot, Mike had an idea for a potential short video on chipping. Immediately the whole team sprung into action as only fifteen minutes remained. We shifted closer to the green. The guys immediately started filming as Kevin delivered some instruction on chipping around the greens and providing Mike with a new technique for when he finds himself in a position where flighting the ball in lower is the more sensible shot. Similar to what I believe the Rangetalk series is, these videos Kevin does with the Golficity guys is just a conversation/interaction being captured on film. This is also one of my favorite elements of the videos Kevin does with Mike and Frank, as it allows their viewers to get a sneak peek at what taking a real lesson with a GOLF.COM Top 100 instructor is really like.

The right hook

Another interesting element of the new video was the giveaway; the Golficity guys, in collaboration with Titleist are offering the chance to win a brand new set of customized Titleist SM9 Vokey wedges. Like the video itself, this provides value Golficity by giving their fanbase a chance to win some free product while encouraging interaction between their fanbase and Titleist brand. Using a unique branded hashtag #pickmySM9 can build awareness and curiosity around the new product line. Another intelligent and well-executed strategic move from both brand (Titleist) and influencers (Golficity).

I enjoyed being part of the latest shoot and look forward to future collaborations. I have seen firsthand the impact these collaborations have on Kevin’s business, and seeing the content coming to life was a highlight of my experience so far here in the US.

Check out the new video below, and feel free to drop your thoughts in the comments!

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