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This week I had a fantastic conversation with the founders of deWiz golf, Markus Westerberg, and Christian Bergh. The company has launched a revolutionary wearable tech device that delivers instantaneous feedback to golfers & coaches based on the scientific approach of breaking the cycles within motor learning and helping golfers improve their golf swing—more information on the product is below.

For some, this might sound quite complicated and advanced, but after speaking with Markus and Christian, this company has a very simple goal; help golfers worldwide play better golf by improving their swing!

On Tuesday, I tuned into their YouTube channel to watch the conversation between Markus (deWiz founder) and Martin Hall (Host of School of Golf on Golf Channel) through which they discussed ways this product has helped Martin and his students develop their swing; Markus rounded off the conversation with a statement that reflects this company's ambition; "Leave the game in a better place than we found it".

The opportunity to meet with founders that have such passion for their product alongside the wider golf industry has instilled massive confidence in me that this is a brand that golfers across the globe will be very familiar with within months and years to come. Let's have a quick look at the people behind this innovative product.

Markus Westerberg is a former European Tour pro, PGA of Sweden certified instructor, and motor learning author. Golfers will most likely recognize Markus from the book "The Golfer's Sixth Sense" a book he wrote dedicated to helping golfers understand how the mental game is closely connected to the physical game and explores how practice habits have the power to make or break a player mentally. Like many successful founders, I got a real sense that Markus has a true passion for learning!

Christian Bergh is a highly experienced entrepreneur with a background in engineering and has been involved in innovative companies worldwide, working for companies such as Norsk Data that supplied organizations such as NATO. Christian has built up a wealth of experience within multiple industries, but I felt a strong passion for the game of golf. Through his struggles with the slice, Christian, alongside his swing coach at the time Markus began to formulate the concept for deWiz golf.

As I went through the long list of questions that I had regarding the business side of the brand, I immediately felt a massive level of confidence that these founders had in their vision. As many people know, the golf industry is a very traditional industry steeped in values and traditions, which often meant new products brought to market received high resistance levels. I feel that the transparency of deWiz and emphasis on consumer trust has allowed the brand to navigate past early resistance and begin to generate huge levels of interest across the golf industry.

Over the past 11 months, I have seen firsthand the value of having a high level of trust within a customer base. Here at Kevin Sprecher Golf, a key competitive advantage the business has built over the past twenty-five years is building a strong relationship with customers through trust. This is evident in many ways through high levels of client retention and powerful word-of-mouth marketing. There have been numerous scenarios through which I have witnessed Kevin make a decision that benefits the client more than the actual business (short term). Kevin recently spoke on Tony Ruggiero's podcast "Tour Coach" & Mark Immelmann's podcast "On the Mark" I felt these clips shown below demonstrate the values Kevin has set not only in his instruction but throughout the business.

There is a clear relationship between these two clips, emphasizing putting the client first. For a customer to truly feel part of a brand & willing to be a long-term consumer they must be confident that a company has their best interests at heart, therefore from the business perspective there must be an internal & cultural belief that decisions should be made to benefit the customer. Linking it back to my conversation with Markus and Christian, it was clear that they also recognize the importance of building trust among stakeholders in achieving long-term success. I have already mentioned one way that I felt this message was communicated through Markus's closing statement of the Coaches Webinar series. Still, there are various other ways this brand has demonstrated a willingness to focus aggressively on building trust.

Moneyback guarantees have always interested me as a method for building trust among consumers; last week's blog post discussed Arccos, which is another example of a brand that offers a moneyback guarantee. Although this may be deemed a high-risk strategy for a young brand such as deWiz, the strong scientific & product testing undertaken before the product launch has allowed the team to have the confidence to offer the guarantee, further demonstrating to consumers the belief that their product is effective. For a brand such as deWiz that has enormous potential to build its product out more (potentially into the instruction space), building trust early in the relationship will play a key role in achieving long-term success in various projects.

Another element of the conversation that signaled an emphasis on trust was the aftercare side. I enjoyed listening to Markus describe testimonials and discussions with product users who had gained significant improvement through using the device. The ability for customers to communicate directly with the founder of the company is a great way to gain valuable feedback. Still, I believe it's an excellent opportunity to begin building brand loyalists that TRUST the product and because of both a positive user and aftercare experience would begin to spread awareness of the product. This organic word-of-mouth marketing will help build curiosity among various stakeholders and lead to a sustainable increase in deWiz sales.

I also believe deWiz sales strategy further enhances trust among consumers; they are selling the device directly through their website or ambassadors (Elite instructors) rather than a variety of retailers such as American Golf; therefore, profit margins remain strong. However, I feel the benefits of this sales strategy extend beyond purely profit and allow the company to forge stronger relationships and maintain control over messaging and customer experience. Many startups often rush their products onto retailers' shelves and websites before the brand is established. As a result, they often lose control over their messaging and become just another product on the shelf. When it comes to such a high-tech and revolutionary product, the customer experience must be of a high standard. This can be achieved by controlling every touchpoint that potential customers have with the brand.

Furthermore, consumers want to speak directly with a brand's support team to help navigate problems or gain advice on the product; rather than shifting power to wholesalers and retailers to spread the brands message properly, deWiz can maintain control inhouse and ensure customers receive the correct messaging and appropriate advice.

Christian made a great point during our call, "we aren't saying we will never be in retailers, but for right now, we want to get to the stage where retailers are coming to us." I liked this perspective and feel it reflects how this brand is being built for the long term. Building solid relationships with customers who trust the brand will lead to high levels of curiosity within the industry, encouraging stakeholders such as retailers to display interest in selling deWiz to their customers.

I really appreciated Markus and Christian speaking with me this week. This willingness to take time out of their busy schedule to converse about their business speaks volumes of the great people behind deWiz. I can't wait to continue following the deWiz journey as this revolutionary device seeks to change the game for the better!

Ps. Kevin Sprecher will be speaking with Markus this Tuesday (March 8th) live on deWiz Facebook & YouTube pages. Check it out!

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