Collaboration is King | Kevin Sprecher X Iain Highfield

On Saturday, I had the opportunity to assist with launching the first ever member clinic featuring performance & mental expert Iain Highfield and Top 100 coach & Director of Instruction at Sleepy Hollow Kevin Sprecher.

Kevin and Iain have worked alongside each other for numerous years as they operate a collaborative winter travel golf school for elite high school golfers that seek to play at the collegiate level. I find it fascinating when two successful professionals come together to provide value to their clients.

Kevin and Iain ran a junior performance camp at North Palm Beach Country Club this past winter. These events are an excellent opportunity for junior players to improve their game through elite-level swing instruction and mental performance coaching.

This clinic focused on productive practice, helping the members ensure that changes made on the range through instruction from experts such as Kevin can be transferred to the golf course, allowing the technique changes to improve on-course performance. This was a topic I was very interested in, and I feel it's going to be the best clinic we run all season, although I'm incredibly excited for James Oh short game masterclass!

I was excited to witness the members understand an aspect of the game that many neglected or didn't realize existed! I paid close attention to Iain's approach throughout the event and how he presented his philosophy, integrated with Kevin, encouraged interaction, and, most notably, laid the foundations for a long-term relationship with all those in attendance.

These travel clinics are something I would love to introduce to KS Golf, whereby Kevin travels around the US presenting his philosophy and delivering instruction to both golfers but also fellow coaching professionals. I feel Kevin's experience within golf instruction is an excellent asset for Head professionals or Directors of instruction across the country to provide value to their client base. A few months ago, Kevin was on a podcast with PGA Tour coach Kevin Kirk, Tony Ruggiero, and coincidently Iain Highfield, where they talked about the future of golf instruction and the concept of "Team Coaching."

I love collaboration and, in previous blog posts, highlighted the benefits of strategic partnerships. I was particularly impressed with Iain's emphasis on a follow-up session. Post clinic, he will be contacting each participant individually with some further resources and providing feedback on any questions they had. He was also kind enough to give each attendee a free copy of his book, which again demonstrated a willingness to ensure that this clinic was one they would not forget. As this was the first clinic of its kind at Sleepy, it needs to be successful. Those who attended left inspired by the content and hopefully enough to spread the word to their friends and family (Word of mouth marketing/Invisible army).

These follow-up sessions are very strategic; it's great for the customer. They get the opportunity to get in touch with Iain and cover any topics they feel unsure about, ensuring excellent customer service/aftercare, which leads to positive feedback and referrals. For Iain and his business, it helps his company Game Like Training (GLT) build a relationship with consumers within his target market (golfers who want to improve) and allows him to have a direct way to communicate with potential customers through their inbox. These can be utilized in various ways, driving book sales, etc. (not my preference) or keeping them informed with his business. These touchpoints could lead to long-term clients and supporters of any new project Iain may launch requiring consumer support.

I can't emphasize enough the importance of building an email list but, more importantly, how to use this email list to your advantage. It is important not to spam consumers but rather to keep them informed with valuable pieces of information/content to them.

As I quizzed Iain all the way to his car (literally), one response to a question, I asked stood out. It was based on providing free vs. paid content regarding the shift towards paid platforms such as Patreon. Iain mentioned how important it is to create something tangible that consumers can look at to understand your business more, philosophy, and how you can help them. One word, in particular, stood out, and that was CREDIBILITY. By producing large pieces of content such as books, ebooks & articles, a brand can build credibility among key stakeholders.

Converting those interested in the business but unsure of its reliability to take the leap and never look back. Also, a great resource to link back if a brand ever goes through a slow content creation period (which should never happen!) Found that very interesting.

Overall, I felt a massive buzz from both attendees and staff during this event. It was fantastic to see members of the golf staff here at Sleepy take time out of their day to come to watch and learn from this clinic. Great feedback from everyone in attendance and a feeling that more sessions in the future are on the cards.

Another great experience in the books with plenty of great takeaways. We recorded the entire event and will share clips across our social platforms to build awareness and share the full-length video with attendees and members of Sleepy interested in attending the next event. Another example of quality aftercare/service. The content will also be used to create one of the articles for our weekly Linkedin campaign that I launched a month ago; all go towards building awareness so these can be done on a more frequent and larger scale.

Thanks for reading; excited for our next clinic on the 23rd. James Oh, be prepared for plenty of questions coming your way!

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