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Hi everyone, firstly I would like to thank you for checking out my blog. As the about us section states this blog has been designed to share the stories of entrepreneurs and successful working professionals with an overarching goal to help people understand more about the world of entrepreneurship. Questions such as What is an entrepreneur? What makes someone an entrepreneur? Characteristics of an entrepreneur? will be answered alongside stories from founders across multiple industries. I want to learn more about the journey of entrepreneurship and share the challenges, setbacks and key moments that successful entrepreneurs experienced. The blog will also share my own story as a recent graduate who has entered into the golf business. I will discuss key learnings and post regular updates on my my work. This blog will gather input from individuals across multiple fields and industries and will begin through exploring the golf industry. This industry has experienced historic levels of growth over the past 18 months and is currently valued as worth over $84 million.

Little bit about me

For anyone that doesn't know me my name is Michael Devine, I'm from Bangor in the north of Ireland and currently work and live in New York. I graduated from Queens University Belfast in July 2021 with a bachelor’s in business management. I moved over to New York in August in a bid to pursue my passion for the golf industry and work out of the renowned Sleepy Hollow golf and Country Club . I work for Kevin Sprecher who is a top 100 instructor and one of the most sought-after golf coaches in the state of New York. I have found it difficult put a job title on what exactly I do for the business, but I focus on areas such as online and social media marketing, communications alongside exploring new ways to generate revenue. I want to use this blog as a platform to share my own experiences within the business world and challenges that I face along the way. I have a huge passion for entrepreneurship and enjoy speaking with people at different stages in their entrepreneurship journey. Over the last twelve to eighteen months I have spoken with a variety of high level industry professionals and entrepreneurs, asking questions and discussing the world of business. I found these conversations to be fascinating and something that I felt should be shared. I am excited for this new project and hope you enjoy.



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